mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Salmon Gravalax with Sesame & Poppy Seed Crust

This one is very simple but lovely, and can be served with many things. We served it with a tomato and tarragon slasa just to say goodbye to tomatoes definitively until next summer.

For the gravalax
I never use exact measurements for this except in regards to the balance. So take your piece of salmon and place in a tray or container with high sides. Then in a bowl place enough course salt to cover the top of the salmon plus a little more, adding about a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon of salt (this is really just to make sure the final taste is not too salty). Then add a capful of vodka and half of that amount in extra virgin olive oil, and chop your herb of choice ( traditionally dill but any soft herb except parsley works well) and mix in well; the mix should turn green.

Press onto the top of your salmon but don't worry if you have lots of salt mix falling onto your tray - it's a good thing. Cover without touching the salmon itself and put in the fridge. One day later, tip off the excess liquid, turn the salmon over and with all the loose bits of the salt/cure mix cover as much as possible the other side of the salmon. Then back in the fridge for another day. On the third day, rinse the salmon thoroughly and dry it well. It should be rather firm by now and ready to eat. 

However, what we did for the salon anglais was to serve it in small bites with sesame & poppy seed crust. Cut the salmon into the portion size desired (the bigger the portion the nicer the result i think), dust it in flour, then eggwash then a mix of breadcrunmbs, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Now just pan-fry. In the pan all you are trying to do is to cook the crumbing as the salmon is already good to eat like it is, this is why i think a larger portion is better because while colouring the crust in the pan you affect the salmon itself less.

Et voilà! serve, eat, enjoy.
bon appétit :)

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